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Annexation Information and Resources

File Annexation Reports

Web-based Annexation Report System
Governments can submit and track their annexation reports to DCA via the Internet. Use the same login and password that was previously given to your Mayor for DCA surveys, which will enable you to submit annexation reports electronically. This simple system ensures that your report is complete. If you use this system, no mailing of the report or related paper documents is needed. This online reporting tool will also conveniently review, update and correct most aspects of annexation reports previously submitted to DCA.

Print Form to Report Annexation Report by Fax or Mail
Complete this form online (no login required) and print it. Reports may be faxed to 404-679-0646.  Mail annexation reports to: Annexation Reports- Georgia Department of Community Affairs- 60 Executive Park South, NE- Atlanta, Georgia- 30329-2231. Remember, you do not need to mail or fax anything to DCA if you have submitted the report using the Web-based Annexation Report System.

View Annexation Reports

View Annexation Reports Submitted to DCA These are reports submitted to the state since March 17, 2000. Search this online database to learn about annexations on file at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. These records include any annexation reports that were errantly submitted to the Secretary of State after March 17, 2000 and subsequently forwarded to DCA.

View older Annexation Reports Submitted to the Secretary of State- Archives These are reports submitted to the state before March 17, 2000. Search this online database to learn about annexations on file in the records of the Secretary of State Office at the Georgia Department of Archives and History.

Legal Requirements for Reporting Annexations

There are state legal requirements for the reporting of annexations. The state requirements for reporting are very simple and our Web-based Annexation Report System or the paper forms for FAX and mail reports (available above) will guide you through the entire process. The specific state code is provided in the section and link below.

Georgia Code related to annexation reporting

View OCG 36-36-3 Annexation of Territory

Boundary and Annexation Survey

Cities that annex or deannex are required by state law to particpate in the US Census Bureau's Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS). BAS updates the boundaries on the maps we all use for the administration of programs and services, for planning, and for elections.

Boundary and Annexation Survey Home Page at US Census Bureau

Other Useful Resources


Your annexation reports and participation in the Boundary and Annexation Survey are critically important contributions to the maintenance of these maps.

Georgia Boundary Maps for your GIS are available for download.

Legislative and Congressional District Maps

Elections Information

Elections Division of the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State.

Legislative Reapportionment Services Office

Related Guides and Studies

Annexation Guide prepared and published by the Georgia Municipal Association.

Arbitration Handbook for Annexation Land Use Disputes prepared and published by the Georgia Municipal Association. Contact DCA for arbitration assistance.

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