Georgia Coastal Comprehensive Plan

Maps Presented at April 12- 13, 2007 Retreat

Coastal Georgia Maps
These maps were prepared by the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. All are provided in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File or PDF format. Adobe Reader is required on your computer to enable viewing of these maps. Some maps, such as the Character Area Map, are large and will require time to download, either for viewing or to save as a local file.


View the PowerPoint overview of the DCA maps.


Developments of Regional Impact View (source: Coastal Georgia RDC 2007)


Historic Sites View (source: Coastal Georgia RDC 2007)


Existing Land Use View (source: Coastal Georgia RDC 2007)


Existing and Planned Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities View (source: Coastal Georgia RDC 2007)


Soil Suitability for Septic Systems View (source: DCA 2007)


Hydric Soils View (source: DCA 2007)


Public Water Systems View (source: DCA; Updated with St. Marys, 7/17/2007)


Public Sewer Systems View (source: DCA 2007)


FEMA Flood Zones View (source: DCA 2007)


Character Area Map (Existing) View (source: DCA 2007)


Tropical Storm Surge Zones View (source: DCA; Added 7/17/2007)